Bethel services online

Here is the catalogue of transcripts and videos of the Bethel “Service @ Home” since the start of the first lockdown. You can find the audio version of the more recent services (both “Service @ Home” and those in the building) on the Podcasts page.

14 August 2022: “For God so loved the world” … how do you feel about it?
7 August 2022: “Do not worry or be anxious” – but how?
31 July 2022: The Fruit of the Spirit is Patience
(Service in the building)
31 July 2022: Being transformed, and praying
24 July 2022: To be Christ-like, we need the mind of Christ
17 July 2022: The key to joy in life
10 July 2022 “Set your mind on the things above” – are you heavenly-minded?
3 July 2022: “We have the mind of Christ”, and its implications
26 June 2022: Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity

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19 June 2022: Servants of the Lord
12 June 2022: We all die
5 June 2022: Pentecost and the building of the church.
29 May 2022: “How much more” – how great is our God!
22 May 2022: The second coming of Christ
15 May 2022: “But God…” – there is always hope with God
8 May 2022: “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”
1 May 2022 – A close relationship with the Lord
24 April 2022: The parable of the sower
17 April 2022: Christ is risen!
10 April 2022: Rejoicing in sufferings
3 April 2022: We rejoice in the hope of glory of God
27 March 2022: A mother tested and rewarded
20 March 2022: “Stop the war”
13 March 2022: Prayers and Traffic Lights
6 March 2022: Reconciled – peace with God
27 February 2022: Transformed by grace, and justified
20 February 2022: The faith of Abraham
13 February 2022: God’s wrath, our deliverance, and the appropriate response
6 February 2022: “Through the redemption that came by Christ”
30 January 2022: “Justified freely by His grace”
23 January 2022 “But God …”
16 January 2022: “There is no one righteous, not even one”
9 January 2022: “Delight yourself in the Lord”
2 January 2022: Praying earnestly
Service in the building
2 January 2022: What do you make of Christmas? What do you make of Christ?
Boxing Day service in the building, and Service @ Home for 2 January
26 December 2021: “The Word became flesh”
19 December 2021: An extraordinary story for Christmas
12 December 2021: “God with us”
5 December 2021: “The babe was born in Bethlehem”
28 November 2021: “You have no excuse”
21 November 2021: “Is it natural or is it wrong?”
14 November 2021: Why do people hate the truth?
7 November 2021: The wrath of God
31 October 2021: The righteous will live by faith
24 October 2021: God counts us righteous and makes us righteous
17 October 2021: How can we be considered righteous by the perfect Holy God?
10 October 2021: The Gospel revealed
3 October 2021: A great spiritual harvest
26 September 2021: Repentance, faith and the outworking of the Holy Spirit
19 September 2021: Living in the present evil age
12 September: What does it mean to be rich?
5 September 2021: Seeking and finding God
29 August 2021: The Fruit of the Spirit is Peace
22 August 2021: Down time
15 August 2021: Imitate God – live a life of love
8 August 2021: We are God’s beloved
1 August 2021: Let’s remain in the presence of God and be filled with the Holy Spirit
25 July 2021: “My yoke is easy”
18 July 2021: Jesus, empowering us to live holy lives
11 July 2021: Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God
4 July 2021: The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord
27 June 2021: We need the Holy Spirit
20 June 2021: “Our Father in heaven”
13 June 2021: Fully human, and fully divine
6 June 2021: “Jesus at the centre of it all”
30 May 2021: The Gospel – why is it Good-News, and what do we do with it?
23 May 2021: “Set apart”
16 May: Paul, called to be an apostle
9 May 2021: A true servant of the Lord
2 May 2021: “But God…” – an introduction to Romans
25 April 2021: Offloading your burdens
18 April 2021: “When anyone hears the word of the Kingdom”
11 April 2021: The Fruit of the Spirit is joy
4 April 2021: Holy Week, and Jesus our King
28 March 2021: “The Kingdom of God”
21 March 2021: “Love does not envy”
14 March 2021: “Love never fails”
7 March 2021: “Love is kind”
28 February 2021: “Love always protects”
21 February 2021: “Love keeps no record of wrongs”
14 February 2021: “If My people … will humble themselves”
7 February 2021: Compassion rather than sacrifice
31 January 2021: “The greatest is love”
24 January 2021: “For God so loved the world”
17 January 2021: “Draw near to God”
10 January 2021: The Gift of the Father
Bird, Icon, Animal, Symbol, Drawing3 January 2021: Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the impact
27 December 2020: Yes, God is working His purposes out
Light Bulb, Think, Idea, Solution20 December 2020: Jesus, the light of the world
Crown, Golden, Royal, Shining, Shiny13 December 2020: The Kingdom of God
Pentecost, Dove, Holy Spirit6 December 2020: “Led by the Spirit”, leading to Revival
Injection, Medical, Syringe, Medicine29 November 2020: The vaccine and the End Times
Bird, Icon, Animal, Symbol, Drawing22 November 2020: Acts – God pours out the Holy Spirit, and our response …
Africa, Animal, Art, Big Cat, Circles15 November 2020: Don’t stop with the lions!
Paper, Papyrus, Parchment, Scroll8 November 2020: Acts – an introduction
Praying, Prayer, Kneeling, Man1 November 2020: What happens when you see Jesus?
Feel Free, Silhouette, Joy, Achievement25 October 2020: Bruised reeds: Praising God, and leading others to praise God
Pray, Plead Call Upon For Help, Answer18 October 2020: Bruised reeds: “He went outside and wept bitterly”
Light Bulb, Think, Idea, Solution11 October 2020: “Bruised reeds”, let your light shine!
Pray, Plead Call Upon For Help, Answer4 October 2020: “Bruised reeds” – showing faith when rebuffed
Thumbs Up, Ok, Approve, All Right27 September 2020: Blessings for bruised reeds
Cranium, Head, Human, People, Persons20 September 2020: “The End Times” … and your response?
Silhouette, Dancing, Silhouetted, Man13 September 2020: Are you ready?
Calender, Icon, Pictogram, Web, Black6 September 2020: “About that day or hour no one knows”
Boy, Child, Daughter, Family, Father30 August 2020: “This generation will not pass away”
Doctor, First Aid, Profession, Disease30 August 2020 (Service in the building): Disaster … Anger … Fear … Retreat
Cloud, Isolated, Cumulus, Transparent23 August 2020: “The Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven”
Girl, Portrait, Face Mask, Covid1923 August 2020 (Service in the building): “The New Normal”
Moon, Woman, Scared, Frightened16 August 2020: “The Abomination that causes Desolation”
Africa, Animal, Art, Big Cat, Circles16 August 2020 (Service in the building): Don’t stop with the lions! (PDF)
No, Negative, Finger, Hand, Stop9 August 2020: “But the end is not yet”
Clock, Time, Pointer, Solo2 August 2020: The end is coming … but when?
Landscape, Nature, Mountains, Sky, Blue26 July 2020: Enjoying a “Sabbath Rest”
19 July 2020: Are you kicking against the goads?
12 July 2020: “There was no needy person among them”
5 July 2020: Recognise the need, and see the transformation!
28 Jun 2020e: Be there to meet one another’s needs
21 June 2020: “It is not good for man to be alone”
14 June 2020: God at work in unprecedented times
7 June 2020: Love one another
31 May 2020: Let love drive away fear and judgement
24 May 2020: “Amazing love” … are you ready?
17 May 2020: “Everyone needs compassion”
10 May 2020: “All you need is love”
3 May 2020: Love each other deeply
26 April 2020: Loving your neighbour
19 April 2020: God is with us!
12 April 2020 (Easter Sunday): Christ is risen!
10 April 2020 (Good Friday): The Blessing of God
5 April 2020: Entering the Kingdom of God
29 March 2020: The wilderness as a place of new beginnings
22 March 2020: Be still and know that I am God
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