Bethel services online

Here is the catalogue of transcripts and videos of the Bethel services since the start of lockdown. You can find the audio version of the more recent services on the Podcasts page.

27 September: Blessings for bruised reeds

20 September: “The End Times” … and your response?

13 September: Are you ready?

6 September: “About that day or hour no one knows”

30 August: “This generation will not pass away”

30 August (Service in the building): Disaster … Anger … Fear … Retreat

23 August: “The Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven”

23 August (Service in the building): “The New Normal”

16 August: “The Abomination that causes Desolation”

9 August: “But the end is not yet”

2 August: The end is coming … but when?

26 July: Enjoying a “Sabbath Rest”

19 July: Are you kicking against the goads?

12 July: “There was no needy person among them”

5 July: Recognise the need, and see the transformation!

28 June: Be there to meet one another’s needs

21 June: “It is not good for man to be alone”

14 June: God at work in unprecedented times

7 June: Love one another

31 May: Let love drive away fear and judgement

24 May: “Amazing love” … are you ready?

17 May: “Everyone needs compassion”

10 May: “All you need is love”

3 May: Love each other deeply

26 April: Loving your neighbour

19 April: God is with us!

12 April (Easter Sunday): Christ is risen!

10 April (Good Friday): The Blessing of God

5 April: Entering the Kingdom of God

29 March: The wilderness as a place of new beginnings

22 March: Be still and know that I am God