Data Protection

In line with current Data Protection / GDPR legislation that covers the UK, Bethel Baptist Church has adopted a Data Protection Policy which governs our handling of all personal information. Graham Steel acts as “Data Protection Trustee” for the church, and is responsible for ensuring that the church complies with current Data Protection legislation.

Sometimes, members of the church will use personal data on the basis of “legitimate purpose”: for example, if you visit our church, the pastor or another member may visit you or phone you to enquire of your welfare, because that is part of the pastoral duty of the church.

However, for the most part, the church will only use your personal data (be it contact details, or pictures in which you appear) if you have given consent. To benefit most from your association with Bethel Baptist Church, you are invited to complete a contact details and consent form, and to return it to the church. When completing the form, you should only grant consent where you are happy for your information to be used in the specified way.

You can print the form and complete it by hand, or some PDF tools will enable you to complete the form on a computer. Please return the form to the church.