15 November: Don’t stop with the lions

Bethel Baptist Church
Worship Service @ Home

15 November 2020

This week is different, as Harry and Mandy have Covid-19 and need opportunity to recuperate. Your prayers are much appreciated. It has not been practical to prepare a new message for this week.

For those who are not online or who prefer text, we are offering the notes from Roland’s message in the building on 16 August:

Video message

For a video message this week, please visit the North Western Baptist Association site and follow the “Gathering to worship” link. This is a streaming video: each week, the latest becomes available to watch at 10:30am on Sunday – or you can catch up later at your convenience.


Katherine has introduced the children to the “Frog song”. Please take a look, and then pray for the children in our church, and our work in reaching out to more children and families. During lockdown 2, Katherine is distributing “Sunday School in a bag” activities to children’s homes.


I cycle regularly. It is my main form of exercise. It requires plenty of physical effort, but unlike many sporting activities (swimming is another notable exception), it is of low impact upon the body.

Except that sometimes it is high impact. I cycle early in the morning, which means that it is dark at this time of year. On 3 November, I did not see the pothole until I was nearly upon it. Normally if I fail to see a pothole, the bike will go “bump, bump”, but it is of little consequence. But I think I must have ricocheted around the edge: it sent my bike flying across the road, the front wheel hit the kerb on the other side, and I came tumbling down. My right shoulder took the main impact – it is still a bit sore. But I thank God that at that time in the morning, there was little else on the road. The incident would have been far worse if there had been any traffic around me. So thank you Lord for keeping me safe!