These are a few of our favourite songs …

“Sunshine Corner, oh it’s very fine”

“I used to sing this at Sunday school around 1963.  It was held in the officers mess in a rural area of East Yorkshire where my father worked at the young offenders Borstal.

This little tune has stayed with me all my life and I have such happy memories of attending this Sunday school.

I would go as far as saying that these happy memories are what brought me back to attending church again as an adult.”


The Youtube song has no words: see the first reference below for all the words and significant memories of the song; and the other references for other people’s brief comments on the song.

  1. The song and memories by David Gibbs
  2. The Free Library
  3. Sunday School attendance (second comment on this post)

“Our God is a Great Big God”

I find it very hard to choose a favourite children’s song as I love so many of them. However, one of my favourites is Our God is a Great Big God by Jo and Nigel Hemming. I love this song because it reminds us of how big, amazing, awesome  and wonderful our God is. It also reminds us how he has a plan for our lives. This was also a song that the  children loved dancing to at our  Messy church celebrations at Hampton Wick Baptist Church. I love the reminder too that he holds us in his hands.


“Ten thousand reasons”

“This is my favourite song” – Austen
“It’s also my favourite song” – Alexis

“If I were a butterfly”

“I like this song because it is all about being thankful” – Mandy

Two versions here: choose the one with puppets, or the one with pictures.

Great, Great Brill Brill

“I like this song because of its impact on a group of inner-city kids we were working with about 20 years ago. To see them singing how great it was to have a friend like Jesus and doing the actions will always stay with me.– Harry