Sunday School at home


We all need to stay safe during the Covid-19 lockdown, so we can’t hold Sunday School in the church building. That does not stop us from learning about God, singing His praises, and praying to Him. Each week, this web page will provide videos that help us to do these things. Sometimes there will be craft activities – if you are part of Bethel Baptist Church (if you know who Katherine is), and you have made something special during your Sunday School activities at home, please ask your Mum or Dad, or your guardian, to take a picture of it and send it to Katherine. We would like to display the best pictures on this web site!

17 January 2021

Superhero song

Who is your favourite superhero? There are many good superheroes, aren’t there? But Jesus is the best of all. Please join in with singing this song as you watch the video.

Singing the Lord’s Prayer

The best known prayer is the Lord’s Prayer. Often we say the words, but have you tried singing this prayer? Choose one of these videos (or both of them!), and try singing along.