Sunday School at Home: Easter

Real Easter Eggs (actually about the first Easter)

Make your own Resurrection eggs to tell the story of Easter in an interesting way.  You can hide the eggs in the garden for the children to find.

Messy Easter at home

Hold your own Easter egg Hunt and remember the Easter story by making it edible using a piece of bread and other ingredients.

Easter Messy Church

Ideas for holding an Easter Scavenger Hunt. Say your prayers using an Easter egg as a prop.

Family Easter activities from the CRC Network

God’s big Easter Story: a Holy Week journey for families

What is Easter?

Pursue God Kids tells us all about what Easter really means.

Faith in Kids – The Wonder of Easter

Many activities to do throughout Easter and Holy Week.

Please note: you have to sign up to access this resource but you only do it once and its free.

Ministry to Children

Ministry to Children gives us lots of ideas for Easter, including the Virtual Sunday School UK Easter video clip, and lots of ideas for different Easter crafts you can do with your children at home.

The best edible Easter garden I have made with younger children.

Its simple and really delicious!

An Easter Story book

Read about the twelve days of the first Easter

Easter Advent for Busy Families

You have to sign up to access this resource, but its well worth it.

Easter games and puzzles

Easter games that you can play from the DLTK website


Get a tube of Smarties and do the Smarties prayer with your children.

Together At Home

Together At Home have created a number of amazing resources for Holy Week and Easter

Muddy Church

Muddy Church has some brilliant ideas about creating an Easter Garden outside.

Faith in Kids

Faith in Kids has created a fantastic resource  to help Easter you celebrate Easter and talk about Easter with your children.  You  have to sign up once to access the resources.

Easter escape room

An Easter escape room for children 8-12.  Faith in Kids have designed this with a series of challenges for you to complete with your family.

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