31 January 2021: Praying when life is hard

Sunday School at Home

One more step around the world I go

How many long journeys did you make last year? Probably not many – we have to follow the rules to keep safe in a pandemic. But your life is a journey – who do you think can help you get to where should be? Think about the words as you sing the song with this video:

Learning to pray with Hannah

Do you find it easier to pray when everything is going well, or when everything is going badly? A woman named Hannah found that her life was very hard. She knew what to do. She knew that she had to talk with God. Let’s learn more about how we can pray: click on the picture below to learn all about Hannah’s prayer.

Experiments to try at home with adult support

Do you think that spending time in prayer is exciting, or not very exciting? Try some of the fun activities on the page below, and see how interesting prayer can be.