Covid-19: Returning to the building at Bethel

We have been meeting in the building for worship at 10:30am since 2 May 2021 – all welcome!

We have now lifted most of the restrictions in the building. However, if you are Covid-cautious, please wear a mask so that people know. If you see somebody wearing a mask, please show respect and allow that person some personal space.

If you feel unable to attend at the building, please use our Service @ Home instead.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment for reopening the building has been updated in accordance with the Government relaxation of restrictions in July 2021:

There is a special additional risk assessment for the Carol Service of 19 December 2021: this risk assessment operates in conjunction with the main risk assessment above.

A letter from the Pastor

Please read Pastor Harry’s letter from mid-2020, which is mostly historic, but please continue to show respect to those who are Covid-cautious.

Worship Services at Bethel

At the Elders and Deacons Meeting on 29th June, after much discussion, it was proposed that we should return to morning worship services at Bethel on Sunday 26th July 2020.

This follows the Government announcement, 29th June, that allows Worship Services to take place from 4th July onwards. Social Distancing measures must be adhered to and we are advised by the NWBA to retain the 2 metre distance. We want to emphasise that there is no pressure on anyone to return, and each member must decide for themselves whether they are comfortable with this. We would especially encourage those who are shielding, those who are 70 years and over, who are at increased risk of severe disease form Covid-19, to stay at home as much as possible and to continue to take care to minimise contact with others outside their household.

To help decide which actions to take, a COVID-19 risk assessment will be completed by Graham and Rick, this in addition to any risk assessment already in place.

Following this, much needs to be put in place to ensure that we are as safe as we possibly can be. We are not allowed to sing, services will be much shorter (especially the sermon! Stop Cheering!) We are required to keep a Register for three weeks of everyone who attends each service in the case of anyone becoming ill with Corona virus.

Signage will need to be put in place and I have asked David if he will carry out the important role of not only welcoming folks into the reception area, whilst observing social distancing, but also ensuring that no-one starts to congregate there but continues to move into the Church.

We will need to check with our church insurers that they are happy to extend usual liability cover etc. prior to opening.

All Bibles and Song Books will be removed from the Church and we encourage you to bring your own Bible but not let anyone else have access to it.

All the Children’s Toys and Games will be removed from the Church. Children will have to stay with their families throughout the service and there will not be a Children’s Church.

The Lounge area will be out of bounds and only those who need to use the Toilets (one person at a time) will be able to access the Hall.

Dylys has volunteered to carry out the necessary cleaning prior to the service beginning and we will need to have a cleaning rota as things develop. We will provide Sanitizer Gel and Anti-Bacterial wipes in the Reception area. We will also open up the Exit-Door by the Disabled Toilet and the large gates in the Yard to help with a safer exit.

Once the Covid-19 Risk Assessment (CRA) has been carried out we will be in a better position to give further advice and regulations. Pray for all those who have offered to take responsibility in the various areas, that the Lord will guide them and help them and us all to make Bethel Baptist Church as safe as we possibly can, In Jesus’ Love and Fellowship.