Sunday School at Home: Lent

Are you thinking of giving up anything for Lent this year?  One year I (Katherine) gave up crisps for Lent and another year I gave up chocolate.  We have been learning about how to read the bible in Sunday School, maybe your challenge for Lent could be to read the bible every day.

Lent Lessons and Activities, with Ministry to Children

Ministry to Children have a lesson with videos that explain more about Lent, and which give some Lent craft ideas.

Lent colouring page

This colouring activity from Ministry to Children teaches us how giving up something for Lent can be a sacrifice to Jesus.

Lent: counting down 40 days to Easter

Happy Home Fairies reading the words of Jesus for 40 days activity. If you prefer the sound of Advent Calendars to the thought of giving something up, try this one Bible verse for each day of Lent.’s Sunday School Ideas & Lessons has come up with a lot of ideas which you can do in Lent and Holy Week.

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