Sunday School at Home: Christmas resources

Lots of activities, lots of choice: take your pick.

Pictures throughout Advent from Ministry to Children
Themes-of-Advent-Coloring-Pages-for-Christmas.pdf (
Make your own prayer jar using lolly sticks to help you and your children at Advent. 
How to Make Prayer Jars – Religious Craft Activity & Lesson – S&S Blog (
Lots of different ideas for children to get ready for Christmas.  Choose one or do a couple.  You can use the Christmas cribs given out last year to act out the Christmas story at home.
Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry: 25 Advent Activities (
Do this amazing on line Nativity Trail at home with your children. Or print it and act it out in your garden- weather permitting
Muddy ADVENTure | muddychurch
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Want to reconnect with the Christmas story?  Do this nativity Pass the parcel.  Discuss what parts of the Christmas story you enjoy hearing about the most.  Talk about how all different characters must have felt.
Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry: Nativity Story Pass the Parcel (
For younger children you can do this lovely nature nativity project.
Explore and Express: Nature Nativity (
Check out what Faith in Kids has got for you to do at Christmas time.  Sadly no baking this year but they have some other great activiities you can do at home over the Christmas period.
A book to buy to explore Christmas.
The Adventure of Christmas Advent Calendar – Ed Drew, Alex Webb-Peploe | The Good Book Company
An  idea from the Baptist Union. Make your own bag of blessing. Some lovely ideas for bags you can give out to your friends to tell them about the Christmas story. 
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Lots of ideas for crafts for younger children.
Lots of ideas including how to explain the Christmas story using M&Ms.  So grab a packet and have a go.
Christmas Object Lesson (
Use your nativity cribs from last year to act out the Christmas story
Prepared NOT Scared!: The Nativity Play!
Three sessions on the Wise men for Youth.  You will find out more about the three gifts and what they symbolised.
Youth Ministry Resources – All I Want For Christmas (
Follow the star activity ideas. Have a go at the Follow the star baking ideas.
Search results | The Church of England
25 ideas to do with your youth this Christmas.
25 Christmas Activity Ideas (