6 June 2021: The Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness

Sunday School at Home

Douglas talks: “Kindness – the Fruit of the Spirit for kids”

PursueGodKids – two video lessons

Two video lessons from PursueGodKids, with discussion points for the family.

Kindness object lesson for kids – from JCWay Kids Ministry

Preteen lesson on kindness – from Ministry to Youth

A full lesson with Bible story, a game, and questions for discussion

Kids Activities – how to make a family kindness jar

A practical aid to help us show kindness, from “Kids Activities”.

Ministry to Children: Kindness Bible lesson

A Bible lesson from “Ministry to Children”, including a craft activity.

25 random acts of kindness

Lots of ideas from “Minno Kids”: suggestions of how you could be kind to somebody today.

And two songs …

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