30 May 2021: The Fruit of the Spirit – Patience

Sunday School at Home

Douglas talks patience

Pursue God Kids Patience Lesson

Pre Teen Patience Lesson

Ice Tray Object Lesson

Patience Weaving Craft

Crafts require patience: you can’t hurry craftwork. “Flame” Creative Children’s Ministry shows us how to grow our patience whilst making something beautiful.

Patience game

Another “Flame” Creative Children’s Ministry exercise – if you do not like sitting still, this game may be for you!

Patience Bible Lesson

“Ministry to Children” Bible lesson, with activities including a colouring page.

Focus on the Family: practising patience

A Bible lesson to do together as a family.

Kids talk with God

How can I be more patient? Pray! There are lots of ideas to help you pray for patience in this “Kids of Integrity” lesson.

Two songs to finish today’s activities

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