23 May 2021: Pentecost

Sunday School at Home

Pentecost Sunday School lesson

Follow the “Ministry to Children” lesson with Bible story, videos, visual aids, questions.

Holy Spirit “pinwheel” craft

“Ministry to Children” show us how to make a fun piece of craft, to remind us of Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit works.

Virtual Sunday School: Pentecost and the chocolate challenge!

On fire!

Pentecost craft activities, a Bible lesson, questions and prayer from “Messy Church at Home”

Stained glass craft

Let’s join DLTK Kids and make a stained glass window!

DLTK Pentecost

Join this Sunday School lesson from DLTK Kids, with craft and a Bible story.

Pentecost: the Holy Spirit comes

Illustrated Bible story, questions, and activities from “Adventures in Mommydom”

Twister Prayers

Use this game from GodVenture, to add some more fun to praying together

Songs to finish today’s activities

Big Family of God: choose either the video with bigger words, or the one with actions

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