9 May 2021: The Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

Sunday School at Home

Douglas talks: “Joy – the Fruit of the Spirit for kids”

Lesson – “Joy – the Fruit of the Spirit”

You need oranges, balloons, Sharpie pens, a lighter, and a grown-up for this fun lesson

Ministry to Children: Joy Bible lesson

A lesson full of different activities, from Ministry to Children

Hope Mission for Kids – Joy

Bethy’s Bible Bites – Joy

Messy Church @ Home – Joy

Lots of different activities in this lesson, including crafts

The Joy Joy Joy Joy Down in my heart! (kids praise and worship)

Ministry to Youth: preteen lesson on Joy

A Bible lesson for children, including games

Ministry to Youth activities for teens

Group activities for older young people …

Five minute object lesson about joy

Another one for teens: Object lesson about how we look for joy in many different ways but are never filled with joy until we accept Jesus and allow him to come into our life.

Turn your hand-washing into a time of prayer

Practical aids are great in helping us to pray – I had never thought that such an everyday activity might be one such aid.

A couple of joyful songs to finish with

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