2 May 2021: The Fruit of the Spirit – Love

Sunday School at Home

Douglas talks: the Fruit of the Spirit for kids

Zoe Kids – Fruit of the Spirit (love)

DLTK Kids: Fruit Kabobs

So what’s all this talk about “fruit”? Is there any real “fruit” involved? Well, yes, there can be. DLTK Kids have provided this eatable activity to go with today’s topic of “The Fruit of the Spirit”.

DLT Kids: Fruit of the Spirit cadence

Have you got the rhythm? You can clap your hands, or use a simple musical instrument to beat a rhythm whilst you read the words of this song.

SPCK Primary School Assembly: Fruit of the Spirit

This lesson was designed as a school assembly, but do try it at home.

RE with soul: Who is my neighbour?

A lesson about loving your neighbour

Like Minded Musings: What is love?

A tween Bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit – something for the older ones visiting this page.

Gratitude Candy Game

If you like Skittles or M&Ms, this one is for you. Just remember to be thankful!

And a couple of songs to finish

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