4 April 2021: The Sweet Truth of Easter

Sunday School at Home

Easter Sunday – The sweet truth of Easter

Buy yourself some M and Ms and find out about The Sweet Truth of Easter. Learn about how Jesus died on the cross for us and rose again. There is even a video of another church using props to act out the poem. Perhaps you will be able to tell all your friends about the Sweet Truth of Easter when you see them eating M and Ms?

Kids Tell the Easter Story

Listen to a retelling of the  Easter Story by children from Radius Church. 

Resurrection Eggs

You can use Resurrection eggs to tell your family the story of Easter. Watch the video and get some ideas about how to do this. Then have a try yourself and make your own. 

Ideas for Easter Celebration

Read through the list and try some (or all) of these at Home:


If you are sitting just now, it is time to stand. Let’s join in with this “Hillsong Young and Free” song.

Answering Children’s questions about Easter

These articles are for parents and carers to read to get some ideas about how to answer your children’s questions about Easter is an age appropriate way.

Answering Your Children’s Questions About Easter

Help prepare your child’s heart for Easter

Talking to children about Easter

Questions Kids Ask About Lent, Holy Week, and Easter