7 March 2021: The Prodigal Son

Sunday School at Home

My God is so Big

This is an action song, so it is better if you stand up before playing the video, and then you can follow the actions.

The Prodigal Son

Have you ever been bad? Yes! We have all been bad. Have you ever felt really ashamed at how you have treated your Dad, or your Mum? What did you do about it? What did your Dad (or your Mum) do? This is a story that Jesus told, which shows us how God wants to treat us, when we have been bad.

Psalm walk

Yes, this involves going for walk, which will be very nice if we have sunshine as we did last weekend. Click the button and you will see five Psalm walks – there is a page for each (actually ten pages in all, because there is a colour page and a black and white page for each). Choose one (the first one if you can’t decide) and, if possible, print out just the one page. Check which Psalm you have chosen and find it in your Bible (ask a grown up if you need help to find it). Read the Psalm in the Bible, then take the page with you and go for a walk – go to the park, or off the streets if you can. Whilst you are out, stop to read the first verse on the page, and follow the instructions. Then do the next verse.

Why not let Katherine know the best thing that you discovered on the walk?

Feels Good!

We’re ending on a high note today. One reason we want friends is because we often have good fun when we are doing things with our friends. When you have had good fun, say a “Thank You” prayer to God!