14 February 2021: A big family

Sunday School at Home

Big family of God

Do you have a brother or a sister? If so, do both of you look similar? Or do you like the same things? If you are different, you can thank God for variety in your family. Watch the video below, sing along if you can, and see how Sunday School and church is like a family.

How to pray: Douglas talks

It’s easy to pray, right? All you have to do is talk. You may find it easy to talk with your friends, but supposing the Queen visited your home: could you talk with the Queen? What would you say? Could you talk if a hundred people were listening to you? Sometimes, talking is difficult. Sometimes, praying is difficult. Watch the video, and let’s see if it makes prayer easier.

Ring Craft

Do you like making things? If you have made something, you probably keep looking at it. It is yours, and it is very special! In this video we learn how to make something that will remind us and help us to pray.

This is Graham writing. I need to say sorry. Last week I made a mistake. There should have been a craft activity on last week’s Sunday School page, but I managed to miss it out, and then added it on the Sunday evening. Please take another look at the page for 7 February if you would like to learn how to make a Prayer Book: