7 February 2021: Let’s make a call and sort it out

Sunday School at Home 

Prayer is like a telephone

Hello! This is Graham writing the words on this page. Sometimes prayer feels easy, sometimes it feels difficult. When I make phone calls, sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is difficult because I do not know what the person at the other end is going to say. But we can talk with God, just like making a phone call. I have sometimes tried writing my prayer as a letter, especially if I want to prepare when I have been asked to lead the church in prayer on a Sunday morning. Just think how you talk with your best friends: very freely, very honestly. That is how God wants us to talk with Him.

Ten thousand reasons

One thing it is not easy to do when you are on the phone is to dance. Have you heard of body language? It is when the way you move, or the expression on your face, helps to convey what you want to say. Let’s stand up and follow the actions of the children in this next song:

God’s story: Prayer

Finally for today, here is a video tells us more about how easy it is to talk with God in prayer.

Craft Prayer Books

How many books have you read in your life? A lot, probably.

How many books have you written? Not so many. Watch the video to learn how to make a Prayer Book, and then use it as you pray to God.